James Legaspi is an emerging Filipino-Canadian multimedia artist currently studying at the University of Toronto and Sheridan College, living and working in Brampton, Ontario. Recent accomplishments include work exhibited at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto, the Women’s Art Association of Canada, Visual Arts Mississauga at Riverwood, Propeller Gallery, and Hart House, curatorial work at the Blackwood Gallery, in addition to professional experience as a teaching assistant at Sheridan College and as a studio assistant at the Blackwood Gallery.


My work is a practice of care: the care to engage with and to unravel oversights and lapses in conscience. These oversights and lapses fall into one of two distinct categories: (1) compositions of Asianness in the collective conscious and (2) blind spots of our everyday life. From specific instances and through my practice I confront idleness in thought.
I work primarily with imagery and text, either found (largely from mainstream and social media) or from personal archives. My touch on sourced imagery is light. Though the material exists visually, the focus is not on their formal makeup—their subjects, and the relationships drawn through these subjects, are far more important than their form. Working in this manner allows me to speak aphoristically, resulting in videos, performances, or text-based works. Typically, the colliding of contexts and subjects takes form of videos playing simultaneously, or images and text existing on adjacent pages. To speak aphoristically, I mean to use art to make sense of the world. By critiquing systems of power such as government, or structurally engrained ideologies such as racist policies, I offer counterarguments to their traditionally immovable appearances. Through gestures like drawing relationships between the quotidian act as driving and the looming presence of state surveillance, I offer alternate understandings of our places in the world.